Dropbox for iOS gets Facebook, Twitter sharing and AirPrint support

Dropbox for iOS gets Facebook, Twitter sharing and AirPrint support

Dropbox has given its iOS offering a little more social spice after it quietly updated the app with options to share content to Facebook and Twitter, while there is now support for AirPrint.

Sharing support was initially limited to ’email’ and ‘copy to clipboard’ only but, with the update, content can also be posted to either of the two social networks with just a click.

The update, which is yet to make its way to the Android app, also includes support for Korean, a language that was added to the service in May. That addition likely reflects the growth in the service’s profile in Korea since it was bundled onto the Samsung Galaxy S3.

As well as giving mobile users increased incentives to leave their photos in its service, the company is set to enjoy a viral windfall as more Dropbox links surface on Twitter and Facebook.

Support for AirPrint is a nifty feature that gives Mac owners a much-welcomed shorter route to printing pictures and other content directly from their device.

The new app continues Dropbox’s push towards images and shareable content, and in recent months it has redesigned its Web service for images, added instant updates and let users allow friends to share their folders with others.

Last month Dropbox added two-step verification and other security boosts after a “small number” of user accounts were found to have been compromised.

You can grab the updated IOS app at the link below:

➤ App Store

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