Wibiya’s new social toolbar shows personalized content based on how users found your site

Wibiya’s new social toolbar shows personalized content based on how users found your site

Wibiya, a subsidiary of Conduit, Israel’s largest Internet company with a reported valuation of $1.3 billion, has just announced the newest version of its browser bar: a personalized social bar, which emphasizes social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This launch shows a clear step towards more targeted, cleaner designs from the Web toolbar company, especially considering that it’s now able to detect where users are coming from, and adjust accordingly.

That last point, the social bar’s ability to change based on your users, is particularly important. The technology to check and display content based on if a visitor comes from Twitter or Facebook isn’t new, but isn’t easy to implement. Wibiya’s move makes that kind of personalization much more accessible.

“We’re always looking for methods to enhance the way our publishers engage with consumers while remaining mindful of user experience,” said Dror Ceder, Wibiya’s original cofounder. “With the new Wibiya bar, we believe we’ve created a solution that accomplishes just that.” You can check out all of the new social bars below:






It’s up to you to decide if your design can remain balanced with a social bar adhered to the bottom of your site, but there’s no doubt that in some cases, Wibiya’s bar has the potential to drive greater engagement. Check it out via the link below and let us know what you think!

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Featured image: Will Powell

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