App recommendation platform Kinetik is now available on the iPad with brand new UI

App recommendation platform Kinetik is now available on the iPad with brand new UI

Kinetik is now available for the iPad, the app recommendation startup announced today, following an earlier heads-up during TNW Conference Latin America last month. As you may remember, this Wayra and NXTP Labs alumnus was one of the finalists in our Startup Battle.

Kinetik has been one of the best apps in the app discovery category since its launch on the iPhone in September 2011. More recently, its team entirely refreshed its iPhone design to put further emphasis on images and become the ‘Flipboard for apps.’ In addition, it has also been available as a web platform since February 2012.

In this context, having an iPad app seemed logical for Kinetik and for its users, its CEO Raul Moreno tells us: “In the last 6 months we have seen in our analytics an increasing number of users using Kinetik for iPhone on an iPad, so we decided it was time to expand into different platforms.” As a matter of fact, there’s more coming, as Kinetik now plans to launch its Android app in October.

As the iPhone and web versions, the iPad app is entirely free, and gives recommendations from your friends, peers, the press and Apple itself. Here’s what Kinetik’s iPad home page looks like when its menu is displayed:

You can also choose to display individual user profiles and app descriptions, while keeping other content in the background.

As you can see, these screenshots look fairly different from the iPhone version. Instead of a single image column, the iPad app displays multiple apps and related images on its home page to make the most of the tablet’s larger screen.

Yet, all versions have one thing in common: “In terms of user experience, Kinetik is built on the premise that a visual and social buying experience of apps trumps an icon-based top charts list.”

Update: Kinetik has just let us know that the app will only be available on September 11.

Update 2: The app is now available in the App Store.

Kinetik for iPad

Image credit: William Hook

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