SlideShark now lets you view, share and project PowerPoint presentations from your iPhone

SlideShark now lets you view, share and project PowerPoint presentations from your iPhone

Brainshark has made a name for itself by providing presentation-related solutions for businesses and individuals. And like it or not, Microsoft’s mighty PowerPoint is one of the most popular commonly-used presentation platforms, which is why Brainshark branched out to launch SlideShark last year. It enables you to display PowerPoint on your iPad. TNW’s Brad McCarty wrote at the time:

“The process is exceedingly simple. Just log in with your free SlideShark or Brainshark account, upload the files an then play the presentation back via the free iPad app. The conversion to being iPad friendly happens behind the scenes, rather than focusing on an HTML5 transition. As such, things that might not work in HTML5 because of the (admittedly low) constraints of the platform should work like a charm in SlideShark, keeping the presentation as it should be rather than forcing it to as it has to be.”

Now, SlideShark is coming to a small screen near you, with its dedicated iPhone app rolling out today.

The new app lets you view PowerPoint presentations on your iPhone or iPod touch, zoom in to view content, share and track presentations, and connect to projectors or TVs to give presentations to larger audiences.

So…what else does SlideShark let you do?

  • Access your content from a cloud-based account. You can download presentations to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for offline viewing.
  • Zoom in and out while viewing and showing content using standard ‘pinch’ gestures.
  • Project presentations to a larger screen or TV with an HDMI or VGA cable or through Apple AirPlay (iPhone 4 and later).
  • Set auto-play with looping for self-running presentations.
  • Create a ‘Laser Pointer’ effect while presenting to focus the audience’s attention.
  • Share links to online versions of presentations for on-demand viewing on any device.
  • Track views of shared presentations with instant email alerts and detailed online reporting when content is viewed by others.

Since its launch last year, we’re told that SlideShark has notched up an average of two downloads per minute, and has been adopted by “hundreds of thousands” of users in more than 120 countries.

It’s estimated that around 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day, and now iPhone users can view and manage these decks directly from their pocket rockets.

You may also want to check out CloudOn, which brings the full Microsoft Office suite to tablets (including editing PowerPoint presentations), but alas CloudOn isn’t yet available on the small screen.

You can download SlideShark for your iPhone on the link below today.

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