BitTorrent quietly releases uTorrent beta for Android, has no plans for iOS

BitTorrent quietly releases uTorrent beta for Android, has no plans for iOS

BitTorrent has quietly released a µTorrent client for Android, currently in beta. You can download it yourself from the official Google Play store (Android 2.1+ is required).

I say “quietly” because of this part:

We are very excited to add uTorrent for Android to our mobile product arsenal that is already reaching almost 4 million users. If you have any comments, feature requests or bug reports (this is in beta after all), let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

The blog post has 0 comments. Very few people have seen it. Ever since BitTorrent acquired µTorrent, most people just check the official BitTorrent blog, which did not say anything regarding this announcement.

Anyway, the company is touting the following features:

  • Fast, easy on-the-go downloading of torrents.
  • No speed or size caps on downloads (mobile data limits still apply).
  • RSS subscriptions.
  • Instant access to BitTorrent’s growing library of featured content.

This isn’t the first Android app that proudly features the µTorrent name. There’s also µTorrent Remote, which was released in February 2011. That app lets you use your phone to remotely manage your µTorrent client on your PC. This µTorrent beta is a full-fledged client for Android (no computer required).

BitTorrent’s engineers claim this app is worthy of the name “µTorrent” as it is “fast, lightweight, powerful” as well as “better than anything else currently on the market.” That being said, it’s still in beta, and there’s no news as to when a final version will be available.

I think µTorrent fans won’t mind, at least if they have an Android device in their hands. If you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod touch, you’re out of luck. An iOS version of uTorrent won’t be released anytime soon.

“Right now we’re focusing on growing our Android clients,” BitTorrent Inc. told TorrentFreak. This isn’t too surprising. After all, there are many BitTorrent clients and BitTorrent remote clients for iOS, but Apple doesn’t let any of them into the App Store. The situation is no different for µTorrent.

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