The White House launches new iOS, Android and mobile Web apps, open sources them on Github

The White House launches new iOS, Android and mobile Web apps, open sources them on Github

Web technologies continue to penetrate our lives more than ever before, and while in many ways the US congress clearly doesn’t know how to handle emerging tech (nor does DC), the current administration in office is actually embracing it.

Now, as reported by Radar and Oreilly Media’s Alex Howard, the White House has just released a new mobile Web app, Android and iOS app. Best of all, everything released has just been open sourced on GitHub.

As written on The White House blog, the administration is looking to prepare for the growing use of tablets and smartphones. This shift has clearly been happening for quite a while, but according to the announcement, “the number of mobile visits to the [White House] site has tripled [over the past two years], reaching 15.17% of total traffic.” In other words, it was about time.

First, we revamped the mobile version of, giving it a new look and making more than 99% of the site available to mobile users. We’ve also released new versions of the White House apps for the iPhone and Android, rebuilding them from the ground up and adding several new features. For the first time, these apps are also fully compatible with the iPad and Android tablets.

Here’s a screenshot of the new mobile Web app, which features a responsive design that adjusts to the size of your device’s screen (and browser window):

As you can see above, the design is standard but accessible and attractive. Considering that this is a government site, the fact that it features a responsive design at all is impressive.

The iOS and Android apps had existed prior to this release, but they have now been redesigned. Here’s the iOS app, which is available on both iPhone and iPad:

And the Android app:

Keep in mind, this is not the first time the White House has embraced open sourcing its in-house technology, but this is certainly a new trend. Check out the apps now via the links below:

➤ The White House on Mobile Web, iOS & Android

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