Good Sort surfaces the most popular messages on your Facebook Wall since you joined

Good Sort surfaces the most popular messages on your Facebook Wall since you joined

If you’re one of those Facebook addicts that can be seen perennially punching away at their smartphone, you might like this little app.

Good Sort is an iOS app that lets you sort your Facebook Wall messages by Likes, Comments or Shares, from a specific year or from all time. Want to see what your top posts have been so far this year? Good Sort has you sorted.

The app will set you back $0.99 initially, which will give you access to your own Wall. You’ll then be asked to fork out a $2.99 quarterly subscription (yup) to be able to sort the posts of Friends, Groups and Pages (for which you’ll need admin access). While the app has been nicely designed, and the initial $0.99 is a reasonable price if you’re a serious Facebooker, I’m not convinced a lot of folk will be up for paying this subscription, though maybe I’m underestimating the power Facebook holds over the youngsters of today.

How it works

Naturally, you’ll have to connect your app with your Facebook account, and give it permission to access your Wall.

You can choose to sort by ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’ or ‘Shares’, which I guess will help boost your ego when you revisit all those gems you’ve posted over the years.

If you’re signed up to the quarterly subscription, you can properly peruse your Facebook Friends’ posts and save the ones you really like to your favorites.

Will Good Sort be for everyone? Absolutely not – this really is for those who spend a fair bit of time on Facebook. That said, with almost a billion users globally, even 1% traction would see the creators earn a fair whack here. At any rate, if you’re just looking to bring a little order to your Facebook stream, Good Sort is worth your attention.

Good Sort | iOS

Feature Image Credit – Mark Hillary | Flickr

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