Urban Futbol: Red Bull’s ‘Balcony Shot’ reimagined as an addictive, Angry Birds-esque football app

Urban Futbol: Red Bull’s ‘Balcony Shot’ reimagined as an addictive, Angry Birds-esque ...

Red Bull is best known for giving you wings, through its range of carbonated, caffeinated and sickly sweet beverages. But it also sponsors a heck of a lot of events, not to mention an entire football (soccer) team in New York.

With one eye on the sporting realm, Red Bull has also sponsored a series of Balcony Shot events – the company takes to the streets and arranges for locals to kick footballs at balconies. If you’re a little confused, watch this little ditty involving former Dutch footballer Edgar Davids:

Off the back of these events, a series of mini games have been released called Urban Futbol, which translate the real-world Balcony Shot events into an addictive, Angry Birds-esque game for your mobile phone and computer.

Available for iOS, Android and your browser, Urban Futbol is a pretty slick game, but coming in at a whopping 45Mb for your iOS device (35Mb for Android), you’d better clear some room for this badboy if you’re low on space.

To kick things off, you choose from two levels – Sao Paulo and Taormina. You can unlock Cape Town, Porto and Tokyo by coughing up $0.99 (USD)/£0.69 through an in-app purchase.

Using a series of swipes, you alter the trajectory of the ball as you attempt to strike colored flags draped across the balconies – the higher the balcony, the more points you accrue.

Depending on how well you do, you can get yourself on the leaderboard and compete with folk from around the world.

If you’re getting a little tired of Angry Birds and are looking for something with more of a football flavor, well, Urban Futbol could be what what you’re after.

➤ Urban Futbol – iOS | Android | Browser

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