DScan: A new slit-scan photography app for the iPhone

DScan: A new slit-scan photography app for the iPhone

Hidden behind the popularity of the latest puzzle game and to-do list app, there’s a rising number of artistic and experimental apps coming out on iOS. Although Apple has yet to provide an “artistic” or “experimental” category for such apps, awesome work, often created with openFrameworks, continues to appear.

Following this pattern, DScan, a slit-scan iPhone photography app, was recently released. Created by DMesh designer Dofl Y. H. Yun (which we reviewed here) and surfaced by the Creative Applications Network, DScan stands out in its execution and generally awesome results. As Filip Visnjic notes, a handful of slit-scan apps already exist (like Slit-Scan Camera and Rubber Man Cam), but they all tend to fall short. DScan’s simplistic execution makes it worth the 99 cent price.

From the creator:

DScan for iPhone is a photography app playing with your iPhone camera in a creative way. It takes a time-based photo like a scanner and the user can make artistic and fun photos easily. DScan also allows to control scanning speed dynamically while taking a photo.

The user interface for the app itself is also particularly interesting, though not entirely obvious to the user at first try. To use the app, tap the top left corner to set the direction of the scan, swipe the bottom bar to adjust the scan speed and then tap the camera icon in the center to start a scan. If you like your results, simply swipe up to save.

Check out the app via the link below:

➤ DScan

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