Real world bookmarking app Grafetee launches browser bookmarklet for easier mobile synching

Real world bookmarking app Grafetee launches browser bookmarklet for easier mobile synching

Grafetee, the Finnish startup with a focus on ‘world marking’ has launched new tools for businesses to reach consumers via their mobile devices. The Grafetee bookmarklet now works automatically on any site, making location bookmarking a smoother process.

The new bookmarklet recognises addresses and relevant content on major websites. Already businesses can add a Grafetee button to events or locations on their sites making it easier for mobile users to capture the details for use when on the move. Users can then drag the relevant details into their bookmarks by adding the Grafetee bookmarklet and then sending the details to their phone with one click.

The service displays content to users based on their geolocation to present the relevant details when they might be needed, so when they get close to a location or business, the information that is attached to that place will become apparent.

The app can be used anonymously and without registration, which will be a relief to those who prefer a service with fewer privacy concerns. Though if sharing is preferable, the service can also be linked to Facebook.

Information for the right places

Grafetee might initially seem a bit like Foursquare with added data, but it also provides useful ways to collect information about destinations. Users can book real-world places and events from the web to a smartphone, through location-based public data, including third-party data sources like Foursquare, Yelp and Wikipedia, and user-created public feeds or private feeds. Any place online that works with the Open Graph Protocol, will work with Grafetee.

For businesses, the service helps to extend reach from websites to consumers on the move. Companies can add Grafetee bookmark buttons which consumers or visitors can save to their mobile devices for later reference.

The new Grafetee bookmarklet recognizes addresses and content on any websites like TripAdvisor,,, Expedia, Airbnb, Trulia, Zillow and a many others.

With geo-fencing technology, being both location-aware and time-sensitive, the app will only display content to users when it is appropriate. This could be when they are near the location or when events like sales, promotions or exhibitions are taking place.

Grafetee stresses that its app is not restricted to travel purposes. Any site with a physical address can be added and stored, for any reason. This could mean logging real estate, car repair shops or other favourite services or locations for future visits.

Already the app is being used by the National Police of Finland as a public safety tool and it has already been considered as an interesting possibility for citizen journalism.

Grafetee was founded earlier this year by Juha Huttunen, Arttu Ylärakkola and Kalle Lundahn and uses proprietary technologies in connection with existing mobile and web technologies. The service is currently in beta testing mode and supports iOS as well as having an app for Android.

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Image Credit : Cod_gabriel

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