Appafolio’s multimedia portfolio and presentation app lands on Android

Appafolio’s multimedia portfolio and presentation app lands on Android

Seattle-based mobile apps publishing platform Treemo Labs launched its impressive Appafolio app for iOS earlier this year, before taking it to the Kindle Fire last month. And as of last week, Appafolio is now available for Android tablets and smartphones too.

Just to recap, Appafolio allows anyone to create sweet, customized photo and video-portfolio presentations, wrapped up in a neat little app. No coding skills are required, so any business or creative can share their work with anyone who owns a compatible mobile device. It lets users create and share presentations in a “post PC world”, with media files cached into the app to remove the need for an active Internet connection to view the content.

The content can also be updated anytime, anywhere – when you add or remove content, the app will automatically refresh without users needing to download an update.

How it works

First up, it’s worth mentioning that the Android app is for viewing and sharing only – you can’t actually create presentations from within it, though this is a little ambiguous as it does say “Create and view…” within the app. While it also does mention that you need to sign up at in the intro screen, I still think some users could be confused here, as the iPad version does have the ability to create folios from within it.

However, this small issue aside, what we have here is a very neat app that very much does what it says on the tin. The app itself comes preloaded with a slew of examples so you can see what others have already created, which can be stored to your own private ‘Saved’ folder.

However, if you’re actually wanting to create your own app, well, you’ll need to head to, where it is ridiculously easy to create your own multimedia presentations. You can use template graphics, icons and backgrounds, or upload custom ones of your very own. You can also choose screen-types (video, image gallery, slideshow etc).

Appafolio allows users to share folios directly with a link, or transform their folios into apps that can be downloaded from Google Play, the Apple App store or the Amazon Appstore.

“Appafolio for Android is not a phone app that just gets stretched to fill a larger tablet screen, it’s capable of displaying sharp, high-resolution images and text on all Android devices from all manufacturers running any version of Android from Honeycomb to Jelly Bean,” says Brent Brookler, CEO and founder, Treemo Labs. “Appafolio does not force users into operating system silos or choosing one device over another. A presentation can be shared and viewed on traditional desktop and laptop computers, Android and iOS devices and the Kindle Fire with a single share link that automatically routes to the optimal viewing experience for a particular screen size and resolution.”

In terms of costs, the free version enables users to create one folio with up to five section screens that can include slideshows and galleries containing up to fifty slides or images. Premium versions enable multiple folios with more screens, storage and the ability to create an e-commerce link are also available.

Appafolio | Android

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