Use Chrome? Meet ‘Currently,’ an extension that turns your new tabs into weather-displaying clocks

Use Chrome? Meet ‘Currently,’ an extension that turns your new tabs into weather-displaying ...

It’s Friday, so you deserve a new toy to play with.

Now, assuming that you use Chrome (after all you did click through to this piece), your new tab page is mostly a waste of space. It’s faster to type ‘ctrl+t -> g -> enter’ than it is to open a new tab, and then click on a button to fire up Gmail. Even more, I suspect that if you use Chrome apps or games, it’s not all too often.

Therefore, the standard Chrome new tab pages are usually not a very useful piece of screen real estate, especially when you contemplate how many tabs you open daily. It must be hundreds. That in mind, if we could add a neat tool to boost your new tab experience, it would go a long way.

Before I show you ‘Currently,’ fire open a new tab, close it, and come back.

Now, have a look at this:

That’s my new tab screen. Lovely, I say. You can set the time to a 24 hour format if you want, and provide it your precise location so that its weather notes will be as accurate as possible.

It’s a small thing, but one that will keep you constantly aware of the hour (fewer missed meetings will be the result), and the weather (umbrella before commute). It’s free and in the Chrome Store. Go give it a try.

➤ Currently

H/T Mike Singleton for finding this. Top Image Credit: Elliott Brown

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