The Dropbox web interface now updates instantly with file changes

The Dropbox web interface now updates instantly with file changes

Dropbox has announced a nice tweak for its web interface today, bringing instant updates of files and folders. From now on, you’ll see any changes to files in your Dropbox reflected instantly on the web, in addition to the Dropbox app on your computer.

Previously, you had to refresh the page to see changes in files, but now any time you tweak a file or add a new one, the change will show up right away.

Back in April, Dropbox doubled the amount of free space that users get from referring others to the service, bumping it to 500MB of free and topping out at 16GB. The service also recently added Facebook integration and Korean language support. Dropbox also recently doubled Pro accounts to 100 and 200GB at the same price, as well as adding a 500GB tier. In March, they announced integration with Facebook, making it easier to share files to friends through the service.

Image Credit: Johan Larsson

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