The Guardian’s Eyewitness iPad app gets premium subscription-only content

The Guardian’s Eyewitness iPad app gets premium subscription-only content

The Guardian’s Eyewitness iPad app was launched way back in 2010 to showcase the photographic work of those witnessing notable events first-hand. The app actually followed the initial concept which was introduced in print form in the newspaper itself in 2005.

With downloads nearing the one-million mark, the Guardian has announced that it’s relaunching the app and introducing some new features – but there’s a catch.

The new incarnation of the app includes an Eyewitness Premium in-app subscription service, which will set you back £1.49 a month – or $1.99 in the US. This will give you Eyewitness Extra, three additional pictures each day, hand-picked by the Guardian’s picture desk.

Moreover, you’ll also access the Eyewitness Series collections, which present a single standout picture each day during major world events. The app comes pre-loaded with an Olympics collection, and a new collection will begin later this month with the launch of the Paralympics.

If you’re sticking to your guns and refuse to put your hand in your pocket, you can still view, ‘favourite’ and share the original Eyewitness image of the day, as well as peruse an archive of the most recent 100 Eyewitness images.

Since its launch in April 2010, the Eyewitness iPad app has been downloaded 923,941 times, to be precise. It has averaged 11.5 million page views per month in 2012 alone.

The move to monetize even more of its digital content is hardly surprising given its recent losses, though it is seemingly investing heavily in its non-print-based offerings, which has led some to speculate that the publication will be online-only within a few years.

To mark this new launch, the Guardian has also published the top ten most popular and shared images from the past 12 months – there’s a few goodies in there.

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