There’s more: Pinterest is launching for the Kindle Fire later this week

There’s more: Pinterest is launching for the Kindle Fire later this week

It’s been quite a week or so for Pinterest. Not only did the social pinning site finally ditch its invite approach last week and makes its debut on the iPad and Android today, but it is also coming to the Kindle Fire later this week.

That fact, which was announced on Pinterest’s blog as part of the new app launches, was somewhat overlooked but it is a fairly significant move in itself. When it arrives, the app will be available from Amazon’s Appstore for Android.

Pinterest has become a huge Web phenomenon, it’s the third most visited social network in the US, as of March, and it saw an estimated 11.7 million visitors in January this year. Yet that huge user base has been exploited by unscrupulous developers who have released fraudulent apps for the Kindle, as has been noted by Kindle-focused blogs.

For now, Kindle-using pinning addicts will have to wait a little way to satisfy their urges on the popular Amazon tablet but, with all the hype quite justifiably focused on the iPad and Android apps, Pinterest’s move to the Kindle could be equally as significant.

At $199 the Kindle Fire is significantly cheaper than the iPad and other tablets. The device, which launched in November 2011, may not have a camera but it has proved popular as a more affordable device.

The Kindle Fire is, however, yet to emerge outside of the US, though it is expected to launch globally in due course.

Image via Flickr / kodomut

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