Sports Counter: This iOS app helps you track scores in sports and games you play with friends

Sports Counter: This iOS app helps you track scores in sports and games you play with friends

Sports Counter is a neat new app courtesy of AppStudio [Russian], selling itself as “the universal counter app for sport and table games”.

Available for iOS, the app lets you track scores for seventeen sports and table games you play with friends and colleagues, including: Football (American), soccer, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, handball, rugby union, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, Russian pyramid, pool, snooker, poker, darts and uno.

You can also track any other kind of game, by selecting Other Sport or Other Team Game in the list of sports.

Each game/sport has a customized scoreboard, for example it displays sets for tennis or volleyball, strikes/outs/balls in baseball and so on. It lets you store and view the overall detailed stats for players and teams too:

Matches within the same sporting discipline are organized in series of games, so users can create a series for sports with friends, and one for games with work colleagues. Other neat inclusions include iOS address book integration, scheduler for repeating matches, email export/import and yes – reference books for rules!

The free version of the app comes with a limited number of series available, and if truth be told you’re best forking out the $1.99 in-app purchase to make this unlimited and unlock the full features.

The free version stores one ‘serie’ with up to three games simultaneously. You can delete the existing ‘serie’ (or games), and create new ones. This means that if you want to use the app just as a counter for the current games, the free version will suffice. However, the full version is designed for those who want to track stats over, say, a season.

There are other similar apps available, but what Sports Counter brings to the table is a pretty comprehensive feature-set, with a nicely designed interface. I can’t help but think it would act as a nice accompaniment to Teamer, the app that helps amateur sports clubs manage team affairs.

“Unlike other counter apps from the App Store, Sports Counter is not just some ‘big figures on a plain screen'”, says a company spokesperson. “Our goal was to create a useful tool for tracking scores and stats. With Sports Counter, users can create teams, schedule future matches, save scores, share results with friends by e-mail or Facebook and gather detailed stats by teams and players.”

Meanwhile, you can view the official promo video below.

Sports Counter | iOS

Feature Image Credit: Ewiemann | Flickr

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