DoctorsElite iPhone app brings medical records and physician choices to patients

DoctorsElite iPhone app brings medical records and physician choices to patients

DoctorsElite, the search tool for patients and networking platform for registered doctors, has released a free iPhone app so that users can log into their accounts on the move.

The company provides a way for general users to record their own medical history for themselves and their family while also being able to search for doctors and specialists for different treatment options.

For doctors, the service acts as a network for professional consulting and patient referral where they can showcase their specialities and grow their practice.

The iPhone app is aimed at patients who may be looking for a second opinion or other healthcare resources while they are travelling. If you think about it, most people have a GP close to their home but when you’re far away, the options can seem a bit limited or at least confusing.

Through the app, patients can access a huge database of US medical professionals and their facilities, so if you need a doctor in the US you should be able to find out who is nearby who can help.

The database currently provides information on more than 500,000 physicians and facilities in the United States.

The database can be searched by name, location or specialty. This is the first iteration and additional features are in the development phase to help patients manage a variety of conditions and track their healthcare.

Specialist treatment

Many people live with specific conditions or rare diagnoses that require specific treatments. Through the app, these patients can find the right type of physician by searching for specific states, hospitals or clinics that specialise in particular conditions.

A similar app with a catalogue of London’s medical services was released last month. Not bad timing given the number of tourists and visitors to London during the Olympics who may need assistance without knowing where to go.

“People increasingly rely on mobile devices to search for information on every topic,” noted Cyril V. K. Bethala, MD, DoctorsElite CEO and founder and an interventional cardiologist. “With our new DoctorsElite iPhone app, members can now access a comprehensive database of accomplished physicians and renowned specialty centers across the U.S. right from their smartphone.”

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