Crisp weather conditions predicted as Blippar teams up with Walkers

Crisp weather conditions predicted as Blippar teams up with Walkers

In a quirky ploy to get us to munch more fried potatoes, Walkers, the crisp (potato chip) maker has teamed with Blippar to create augmented reality weather forecasts.

This  is a neat way to work out if you want to eat your lunch al fresco or ‘al desko‘ by checking if the weather is warm and sunny enough to warrant a jaunt outside.

To check the weather on your crisp packet, download the free Blippar app and ‘blipp’ it (essentially use your camera to look at the code) and real-time weather information will automagically appear on your smartphone screen.

The feature is available through August and September on all packets of Walkers crisps. It’s a bit of fun while the changeable weather in the UK is looking a bit brighter (at the time of writing for this hour at least).

Blippar has enabled many brands to offer their customers a nifty distraction with their purchase. So far augmented activities have included a festive game on cans of Guinness, recipes on jars of Marmite, games on Cadbury chocolate bars and virtual football for Kit Kat.

Having seen success with European brands through 2011, Blippar is now launching its model into the USA and internationally.

Here’s the promo video so you can see the trick in action.

Image Credit: Frankie Roberto

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