Pay Pad lets you manage your Stripe account and get paid via iPad

Pay Pad lets you manage your Stripe account and get paid via iPad

Payment service, Stripe, has been making waves with its innovative approach to fixing the tangled mess that is payment processing, now has its first iPad app for the Stripe API.

This isn’t an official app, mind you, but it’s pretty full-featured for a third-party offering.

Pay Pad for Stripe gives you all of the real-estate that the iPad has to offer to show off your recent charges and detailed information about your customers. If you’re running a business that uses Stripe to process payments, then this app will be a fine addition to your daily routine:

Developers love Stripe for its super simple API. Forget merchant accounts and gateways and throwing away your hard earned money on stupid fees. Stripe just works, and it works insanely well. Pay Pad for Stripe takes that same Stripe API and makes it equally as awesome by letting you manage your Stripe acount on a beautiful iPad interface. Now you can manage your Stripe account and take payments wherever you can take an iPad (caution: iPads are not waterproof… believe me, I checked).

Here’s the full run of things that you can do with Pay Pad for Stripe:

– View your recent charges, drill-in to see the detail for each charge including fees and status!
– View your recent customers, drill-in to see the customer detail and see specific charges for that customer!
– View your bank account transfers including pending transactions!
– See your Stripe account event log for the last 30 days!
– Create new charges on the fly!
– Add charges to your existing customers!
– Refund one-off charges and customer charges!
– Pay Pad uses OAuth to authenticate with Stripe. We can’t see your account credentials so you can rest easy that your Stripe account stays safe and secure!

It will run you $4.99, which is a small price to pay if you’re racking up the sales.

Pay Pad for Stripe

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