Twissues: An easy way to search and archive all your tweets

Twissues: An easy way to search and archive all your tweets

Admittedly, there’s no shortage of tweet-archiving tools out there – there’s Tweet Library for starters, while IFTTT recently produced the goods to help you store all your tweets to your computer thanks to some Dropbox/Twitter magic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t surface other neat apps that are brought to our attention, right?

One of these is Twissues, a Web app that automatically backs up your tweets, and lets you carry out keyword searches going way back in your history.

If you didn’t know already, Twitter only lets you search back up to 3,200 of your own Tweets – this is a built-in restriction implemented by Twitter through its API. Also, to find specific tweets using keywords through its search function, you can only go back a week.

When you connect your Twitter account with Twissues, however, it automatically pulls in your last 3,200 tweets, and then saves all future tweets for posterity, with no limits. This in itself is nothing particularly innovative, but I really like the search function that’s been built in to this.

You can join all your topic-specific tweets together into a single URL, either for your own interest or to share with others.

Simply type in a keyword into the box, and click ‘Search through my tweets’:

For this, I typed in ‘Scotland’, and found that I mentioned it eight times since joining Twitter (I’ve yet to surpass 3,200 tweets):

Now, I can copy/paste the URL ( in this case: and share with anyone. It’s the ease with which this is to set up and use that’s perhaps the most stand out feature.

Moodyo Enterprises, the Spain-based company behind Twissues, launched the free platform in beta two months ago, and we’re told that it has a growing community nearing 10,000 users. Interestingly, Javier Padilla – co-founder and CEO – says that Samsung Spain, banking behemoth BNP Paribas and other big brands are already using Twissues to manage their Twitter archives, whilst serial entrepreneur Martín Varsavsky is apparently “a power user”.

Of course, Twitter recently confirmed that it will soon enable an export feature to allow users to download and search all their tweets, but Twissues is already looking beyond that to improve its own platform and create a “more powerful search engine.”

Interestingly, you can search tweet archives by others too – but before you get too excited, they must have signed up with a Twissues account.

Finally, Twissues also lets you manage up to three Trending Topic areas. This means you can browse tweets on Topics that are trending in any country or city around the world – you determine whether it displays global, or select a combination of countries or cities.


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