Kickstarter project Turf Geography Club launches its “Foursquare + Monopoly” app

Kickstarter project Turf Geography Club launches its “Foursquare + Monopoly” app

Here’s a Kickstarter project that got funded and launched, Turf Geography Club. It’s an app that calls itself “Foursquare + Monopoly.” Well then, that sounds fun.

The project had 185 backers and raised $17,375, ahead of its goal of $15,000. The app has launched for iOS, and it seems really cool.

The app, which is built on top of foursquare, lets you check-in to places and collect coins, crystals and experience points. You can take over properties like you can in Monopoly.

The game element is meant to be played with your friends, as you “own your turf” and build out real-estate for trophies and the like.

Park Place

The app is absolutely gorgeous, as promised on Kickstarter. All you have to do is sign up, start checking into places, invite friends and then collect trophies for your virtual shelf.

As you become an experienced “Geographer”, your trophy case will start to fill up:

It’s about time that someone took the gaming elements of foursquare to a new level, as becoming the “mayor” was simply not cutting it for those who love gamification. Also, if you’re a fan of 8Bit, this is for you.

Turf Geography Club for iOS

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(Boy do I love Rushmore)

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