StockTwits launches new responsive design and infinite scrolling interface

StockTwits launches new responsive design and infinite scrolling interface

StockTwits has added a couple of new features to its website recently, including a design that changes depending on the size of your browser or display and infinite scrolling.

Howard Lindzon, founder and CEO of StockTwits, made the announcement earlier today in a blog post:

Regardless of screen size, you will get full site functionality in an experience that is optimized for the specific device.

We achieved this through the use of CSS3 media queries, where we account for device, screen size and orientation to deliver tailored experiences that best fit your individual needs.

The infinite scroll, while arguably not the most original of website additions, is incredibly quick and makes keeping track of specific streams just that little bit easier. For anyone using the website all through the day, it’ll no doubt boost productivity as well.

Mr Lindzon added that the company has “much more in store” and would be opening up the API later this month to allow more content to be fed in directly from individuals and firms.

The announcement follows on from Twitter’s new ‘Cashtags’ feature, which was announced yesterday. It enables users to click on stock symbols that have a dollar sign in front of them, bringing up a conversation about the company in a similar fashion to a hash tag.

Howard Lindzon jumped onto his blog the same day to say Twitter had “hijacked” the idea from StockTwits.”You can hijack a plane but it does mean you know how to fly it,” he said.

The StockTwits CEO also moved to sell the remainder of his Twitter stock last week, further signalling his discontent with the social media giant.

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