Nokia Maps update brings route planning, Groupon Now! integration

Nokia Maps update brings route planning, Groupon Now! integration

Today Nokia released a new version of its Maps application for Windows Phone. In it is support for route planning, at last, and also integration with the Groupon Now! product.

Route planning, the ability to determine a path between two locations was, in Nokia’s words, “one of [the] most requested features since we introduced Nokia Maps for Nokia Lumia.” Soon to be happy users, this is what it looks like:

The integration of Groupon Now!, something that was promised at Mobile World Congress, is neat, but for the US market only. Why? Because Groupon Now! only operates here in the ‘States. Sorry, rest of the world.

Why would Nokia bake in a different company’s product into its own so deeply? From its post: “Nokia Maps’ mission has always been to make you feel like a local anywhere, every day. True to this motto, and after working for the past few months with Groupon, Nokia Maps  now shows offers you can enjoy here and now.” The integration works by baking in Groupon Now! offers that are close to you into your normal search results. This will likely boost engagement for Groupon’s real-time deal solution among Windows Phone users.

Avoid the joke about how many of those there are. Please.

Final note: This update is going to be dropping around the world over the next few days. Your local market might take a day or so to snag it. However, if you get yours hands on version of Nokia Maps, you have the new stuff.

Top Image Credit: Wyman Laliberte

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