Conduit launches specialized app builder for musicians, restaurants, bloggers and more

Conduit launches specialized app builder for musicians, restaurants, bloggers and more

Conduit, Israel’s largest Internet company with a reported valuation of $1.3 billion and the creator of code-free mobile app and site building tools, is taking its one-size-fits-all product and turning it into a specialized solution for musicians, businesses, restaurants, bloggers, educators and photographers.

This move has the potential to make the product much more capable of handling the needs of specific use cases, because the problem with mobile app and site builders is the way they cater to endless possible configurations. Either the toolset is too limiting or too complex, and as for the resulting design, it’s either forced to look clean or a complete mess.

But focusing on specific needs resolves many of these issues, which is why it was a good move on Conduit’s part. Here’s more details on the specific verticals Conduit will support:

  • Music – LiveAlbum, concerts, SoundCloud integration
  • Business – e-commerce, user reviews, mailing list
  • Restaurants – menu, reservations, OpenTable integration
  • Bloggers – blog RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter
  • Education – calendar, resources, video lessons and podcasts
  • Photos

As for what Conduit plans to charge for these solutions, the pricing ranges from $5/month to $1,299, but musicians are getting something unexpected: pay what you wish pricing, Radiohead style.

No matter what, the tool is free to play with, so it’s worth exploring if you’re considering making your own app or mobile site. We don’t think consumer-grade tools compare to a custom-built solution from talented developers and designers, but its clear that hiring a team is almost always entirely out of reach for the average person. That’s why Conduit exists.

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