With revenues doubling quarterly, Sprout Social expands its social media management suite

With revenues doubling quarterly, Sprout Social expands its social media management suite

Today, Chicago-based Sprout Social announced the addition of two new features to its social media management suite: Sprout Queue and ViralPost.

Sprout Queue is a tool that allows for content to be scheduled for publishing. While that is a relatively normal tool, combined with ViralPost, it becomes something more. ViralPost analyzes the impact of released content, allowing it to learn when is the best time for the delivery of future content. Sprout Queue can be used in conjunction with ViralPost, allowing for content to be automatically posted whenever it is ‘best.’

According to Sprout Social, the ‘timing models’ that it has built can boost engagement on posted content by 30%.

What’s interesting about Sprout Social is that it’s growing at a massive clip. According to the firm, its revenues have grown more than 600% year over year, and doubled in the last quarter. Sprout Social’s product is a combination brand monitoring tool, social media platform manager, and analytics package in one box. Recently, Sprout Social teamed up with Zendesk.

True to its status as a member of the Chicago-school of startup design, Sprout has no free plan – after a 30 day free trial a plan must be selected. That will cost a company between $39 and $899 a month. That highest tier is likely designed for agencies that manage the social profiles of a host of companies.

Sprout claims that the tools released today will take some of the burden out of shipping content, allowing for more time to be focused on the creation of that content. I doubt that companies will save oodles of time by scheduling tweets, but the impact of ViralPost could be noticeable.

Top Image Credit: Josh James

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