MerryMarry launches app for everyone invited to your wedding

MerryMarry launches app for everyone invited to your wedding

Brides, grooms and guests are all invited to the union of wedding planning and mobile technology with the open beta launch of the MerryMarry app.

Given we have ways of organising almost every aspect of our lives via apps on a smartphone, it’s no surprise that one of the more stressful but happy events can also be organised on the move.

Those of you who have been through the process of trying to organise a wedding, will know that all sorts of things need to be sorted out for logistics as well as managing guests and their requests too.

The app is simple to use and as expected with wedding related offerings, has a strong element of design to make the app suit the event. When a date has been set, users can download the app, sign up with one click, make a wedding invitation, invite guests and track RSVPs.

Additional features include chosen gift registry and photo sharing and texts. As with almost all current mobile photo services, there are filters that can be added to set a theme or mood for the images and they can be shared on Facebook.

The app is not just for the bride and groom, guests can also track all of their friends weddings. If you’ve ever experienced a year where everyone seems to be getting hitched, this is a handy feature. Upcoming unions are listed in the order of which will arrive first by date.

For each wedding on the app, guests can meet and connect before, during, and after the wedding. This might be useful for introducing people if you have arranged a table at your reception where people are new to each other.

Depending on when the couple decides to invite guests, close friends and family may engage in planning the special day, talking about little details that needs ironing out. A relief if you need to farm out a few tasks and a nice way to get excited about the big day.

Though here are plenty of wed-tech startups working on making weddings a little more connected and easier to manage, MerryMarry says that it has been working primarily on making a solid mobile-based  service.

It’s not  a bad tool to have handy for sharing the experience, and the ability to add photos from date setting to honeymoon also means that those who cannot attend the event can follow along. All you have to do now is try and convince your friends to keep the stag and hen do photos inside and app and not all over Facebook.

MerryMarry: Android|iOS

Image Credit: Roger4436

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