TNW Pick of the Day: This iOS app will help you remember just about anything

TNW Pick of the Day: This iOS app will help you remember just about anything

Don’t you wich you had a photographic memory, commonly referred to as “Eidetic?” To remember things on the fly, you have to train your brain to do so. Some people use flashcards, others were just born with the gift and have sharpened the talent over time.

One iOS app, coincidentally named Eidetic, will help train your brain into remembering the most important, or goofy, facts that you need to keep in your brain during your lifetime.

The premise is absolutely simple: Pick something you want to remember, fit it into a category on the app, and based on your settings it will remind and test you about the fact. Over and over again until you’ve remembered it. It’s like artificial memory, or nagging notes.

Wait, when is her birthday?

If you want to drill a date into your head, for example, simply choose the “fact” category, name it and put in the answer:

After you’ve done that, you can choose how frequently you’re reminded of the fact. If you’re cramming for a test, you’ll be pinged multiple times a day via push notification. You can choose how you’re tested on the factoid as well.

This is not just for tests or birthdays of course, you can use this to remind yourself of anything you like. It’s a great way to get yourself on a new schedule if you’ve found a new job or preparing your family for a new member. It’s not a reminder app, it’s a braintraining app.

Eidetic is only $.99 and it’s worth every penny, especially when you start seeing the progress you make in remembering important things.


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