This app makes true “global” Twitter search as easy as one spin of the mouse

This app makes true “global” Twitter search as easy as one spin of the mouse

Searching for things on Twitter has been made easier thanks to some tweaks by the company itself. Still, there are different ways of seeing information, and by timezone is one of those ways. For example, searching for “good morning” doesn’t give you the full picture of the context of those tweets.

A slick visualization and search app called TweetingEarth lets you perform a simple Twitter search and then “spin the globe” with mouse gestures. It’s really interesting.

First, search for something using the box in the top right:

Once search results are loaded up, you’ll see them displayed grouped together by timezone. You can spin that timezone around by gesturing on your mouse or trackpad:

Click the timezone and you’ll see a full scrollable list of tweets that fit your search:

While this app is visually stunning and fun to interact with, it’s pretty useful too. If you’re into tracking the originator of a specific piece of news, you can see the tweets in waves, based on their location. If anything, this is a “different” way to view Twitter.

I’d love to see Twitter itself carve up some of its data to be viewed in a multitude of ways, but it’s not likely. Therefore, TweetingEarth is a perfect example of why a 3rd party API is so important to keep around.


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