Waze wants your help to launch real-time fuel price and toll road features globally

Waze wants your help to launch real-time fuel price and toll road features globally

You may remember last month, community-powered road navigation app Waze rolled out version 3.2, which incorporated a new feature to let users find the cheapest gas station around them, as well as get discounts when filling up.

While the initial launch of the real-time fuel price feature was US-only, Waze has announced a new initiative designed to get the public in on the act, to bring the service to other countries sooner.

From today, the Waze map editor allows users to add gas station locations to the map, a feature that’s available in all countries except US and Canada. To add a gas station, hit Add a Landmark and choose: Gas Station. You can then define the rest of its properties, such as brand name and address.

Depending on what country you’re in, you’ll note that the editor is missing a list of local gas brands. Well, Waze is also inviting you to enter those brands here.

As if cheap(er) fuel wasn’t exciting enough, another new feature has also been added to the map editor, designed to help users avoid toll roads. You can now mark costly routes by selecting road segments and labeling them ‘Toll Road’. It will then be marked as such in the app, thus helping other Waze users’ routing options.

Once all the toll roads are mapped in a given country (as identified by the public), Waze says it will release an ‘avoid toll roads’ setting in the app, so your not hit by any unpleasant charges on unfamiliar routes.

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