Whale Trail goes free on Android with new ‘Frenzy’ version

Whale Trail goes free on Android with new ‘Frenzy’ version

Whale Trail finally hit Android in January, after a slow-burn period on iOS. And now you no longer have to fork out the £1.49 download fee to access the app.

Whale Trail Frenzy has now hit Google Play, offering a free-to-play version of the game. Just to recap, Whale Trail focuses on the plight of Willow the Whale, a flying aquatic mammal that you must help escape from the clutches of the evil Baron von Barry and his army of angry clouds, the Thunder Bros. You couldn’t make it up – actually, someone did, so clearly you can.

Anyway, requiring deft touches of your device’s touchscreen, you loop the loop and swoop through the sky collecting bubbles, while smashing enemies across seven stunning levels. Here’s the official promo video:

Whale Trail Frenzy tweaks the formula of the original version, with players earning Krill and using it to upgrade their skills, unlock new characters and costumes, as well as new power-ups and useable treats to help Willow the Whale fly through the magical skies of Rainbow Land.

Ustwo is the firm behind the app, and it’s worth noting here that the company’s co-founder has recently changed his name by Deed Poll to Sir Dr Mills Jnr™. We thought it was a joke at first, but seemingly not.

“The original Whale Trail was launched for Android in January this year and since then has been downloaded over 20,000 times with an average 4.5 star Google Play rating,” says Sir Dr Mills Jnr™. “Our initial plan was to retire the old Whale Trail in favour of the new free version but in the end we decided it would be more interesting from a developer’s perspective to experiment with a more streamlined free version whilst keeping the ‘Classic’ version unchanged.”

Fun fact – the soundtrack to the game was created by Gruff Rhys from Welsh band The Super Furry Animals. So there you go.

Meanwhile, check out the new Whale Trail Frenzy promo video below.

Whale Trail Frenzy | Android

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