Twitter’s latest iOS update has cost me minutes of precious tweeting time

Twitter’s latest iOS update has cost me minutes of precious tweeting time

Even though I’ve dabbled with Tweetbot for iOS, I still end up using the official Twitter app for all of my mobile tweeting needs. However, the last update for the app is driving me absolutely bonkers. You see, Twitter introduced a new feature that lets you tap on avatars within a tweet in your stream. When you do so, you go directly to that person’s profile.

Rad, right? Not really. I usually tap on a tweet to see the actual tweet, to reply, favorite it or to retweet it. But now I keep tapping on a tweet and get sent to the profile, causing me to have to tap “back” and such.

Ugh, such a waste of time. Is it because my fingers are too fat, the feature sucks or that Twitter really didn’t implement it as well as it could have? Regardless, I don’t like it one bit and would like to be able to revert to what I’m used to.

Here’s a look at the situation that I get stuck in constantly as of late. Tap tweet, go to profile:

Maddening, I tell you. I just feel that stuffing too many interactions into the restraints of a “tweet” is just way too much. Our own Matthew Panzarino had some insight on what went wrong with this feature:

It’s becuse the profile pics are larger and they respond to a tap too easily. There’s a slight delay on Tweetbot that makes the tap more ‘authoritative’. And the profile pics are slightly smaller so they don’t make easy targets while scrolling.

Poor execution or not, I’m not a fan.

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