Dropbox now lets you pass on the power to invite more users to shared folders

Dropbox now lets you pass on the power to invite more users to shared folders

Dropbox has announced that you can now grant the power to invite more people to share a folder. Previously, you could invite people to a shared folder, but if you wanted to add more, you had to do it yourself.

Now, an additional option in the shared folder dialog allows you to “Allow members to invite other people”. This gives them the ability to add additional collaborators to the shared folder. This is a great addition to shared folders, because it distributes the job of administrating them out to team members, rather than pinning it on the person hosting.

Dropbox says that the option will not be enabled by default, but that a ‘one-click’ setting in the dialog will allow you to change it, even in already shared folders.

This should come in handy when sharing folders for collaboration in teams that may be widely separated, especially when covering events or managing a project. We’re widely spread over a variety of time zones here at TNW, making it likely that, at some point, the person who’s administrating the folder will be asleep when you need to add one more participant. Nice little addition to the sharing options here.

Dropbox has been on a roll lately, likely feeling heat from other file sharing alternatives like Google Drive and SkyDrive. They recently doubled the plan sizes to 10GB and 20GB at the same prices and added a new tier of 500GB.

Image Credit: Johan Larsson

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