Here’s how to easily import your Spool bookmarks into Pocket

Here’s how to easily import your Spool bookmarks into Pocket

As we reported earlier, bookmarking startup Spool decided to move on to greener bluer pastures by joining Facebook. The service is shutting down and the team has done a wonderful job of being proactive in sending everyone their archive of bookmarks.

Another tool that we’ve covered before that has similar functionality, called Pocket, is offering up an import tool for those of you wondering what to do with your Spool archive.

By visiting this page, you can sign up if you don’t have an account, and then upload your Spool file in seconds:

Depending on how many bookmarks you import, the process should be pretty fast:

Pocket, which was previously called “Read it Later”, offers an iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and web version of its service. It’s definitely work checking out.

If you like what you see, Pocket will also allow you to import your bookmarks from other services, like Instapaper and Delicious.

For those of you who will miss Spool, have no fear, it sounds like their work will end up in Facebook’s mobile offerings, which will be something to watch out for.


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