Doodle’s new iPad app makes scheduling easier for its 10 million monthly users

Doodle’s new iPad app makes scheduling easier for its 10 million monthly users

Swiss startup Doodle makes scheduling software that is incredibly simple to set up and share. Now that service is available on iPad for people who prefer things tablet-sized.

According to the company, 10 million people use Doodle each month for arranging all sorts of things where there is a requirement to get people together. Examples include drinks with friends, meetings at work, anything really where you people to specify which date and time would suit them to get together with minimal fuss.

Users are presented with options that they can vote for and the one that seems to be most convenient, or where most people can attend is usually the time and date to opt for.

Having analysed scheduling patterns, Doodle has noticed that its users are increasingly scheduling meetings on their mobile devices.

“We’ve seen mobile usage of Doodle triple in each of the last two years,” said Michael Näf, CEO, Doodle. “The completely updated iOS app now gives our users the mobile experience they deserve. It’s the most powerful mobile version that we ever had and is a response to the demands of our users who are using Doodle to schedule meetings on mobile devices in ever-increasing numbers.”


To go with the launch of the iPad app, Doodle’s iPhone application has also been upgraded. It was originally created by Doodle partner Neoos and the new features include, tabular and list views, landscape and portrait mode for all views, calendar integration, sortable dashboard and all admin functions.

The iPad app  includes additional scheduling information rather than just being a larger looking version of the iPhone service, it’s nice to see more thought being put into the available space on a tablet.

The iPad app is now available for £1.99,there is an existing app for Android and the Web version continues to be offered in free and premium options.

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