ShowMeTrend is a great way to keep yourself updated on trending topics from Twitter

ShowMeTrend is a great way to keep yourself updated on trending topics from Twitter

Without a doubt, Twitter is making the experience of finding new content a bit easier with its Discover section, but trending topics still have to be the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of the world, or a region.

No matter what time or day it is, you can always know what the Twitter population really cares about just by looking at those powerful trending topics. Sometime’s it’s stupid stuff, like a hashtag game, and sometimes it’s breaking global news. It’s why I love Twitter so much.

An app called ShowMeTrend lets you dig a bit deeper into trending topics, by showing you links and stories that are associated with them, rather than just tweets like Twitter does:

My favorite part about the site is that I can pick a date to see a snapshot of the trending topics from that day, which is absolutely gold for content discovery. By using a calendar picker, you can take a step back in time and see what was hot on any given day:

While the site’s design is a bit rough around the edges, the value that it provide overrides any picky remarks I can make about the UI.

I love being able to see what happened a day, week or month ago, it’s why I’m so obsessed with using Timehop for my own data.

I’d love to get a newsletter-type email daily and weekly with the trends that I might have missed, perhaps this is the direction that ShowMeTrend could go in the future. Regardless, this thing is addictive, so get ready to lose hours clicking around on stories you might have missed.


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