The Mercury 7 update for note-taking app Dunno is finally here, and it’s awesome

The Mercury 7 update for note-taking app Dunno is finally here, and it’s awesome

Last month, we told you about a new note-taking app called Dunno, which turns all of your static thoughts and ideas into full-fledge search results, making your braindumps actually useful.

Dunno lets you jot down quick notes on iOS or Mac and then runs services in the background to find relevant search results for you. The company has been hard at work on something it called “Mercury 7”, and the update is finally here.

While the service was plenty useful before, this new version lets you do a whole host of things to hone in on exactly what results are helpful to your next-level note-taking.

With the Mercury 7 update, you can now mark relevant results and spawn a new “Dunno” from one of those results. All of this sits within a beautifully redesigned results interface with image browsing.

The app is also speedier on both the desktop and mobile versions.

Here’s a look at the supercharged Mercury 7 update of Dunno:

You can now tag one of the results to check out later:

If you want to spend the time to do more research, you can dig in with a built-in browser that doesn’t force you to open up another piece of software. It’s super handy, and once you find a relevant result, you can use it to spawn a new note, or “Dunno”:

The iOS version is consistent with the desktop, serving as a perfect compliment to the Dunno experience:

For those of us who are constantly thinking, or need to do deep research on a specific topic, Google isn’t always the right place to do so. Search engines require us to frame what we’re searching for almost perfectly, otherwise we’ll get results that aren’t relevant. Of course, Google is working hard on improving this experience, but Dunno has been a real champ for me.

The app is free and it’s worth the download, and having access to your results via the mobile app is a brilliant move.

Dunno for Mac | iOS

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