CityMaps wants to bring social maps to the masses, lands in Chicago

CityMaps wants to bring social maps to the masses, lands in Chicago

It may feel like an old game by now, but the mapping space is only just starting to heat up. Apple kicked Google off of iOS default status,  Google showed off its mapping accomplishments to get a last word in, Bing added a whopping 165 terabytes (TB) of new satellite imagery and Windows Phone will soon be embracing Nokia’s maps more than ever before. This comes in addition to new players, like Open Street Map and CityMaps, the latter of which is now expanding its social mapping services to Chicago, totaling to 5 cities of coverage.

After hitting NY, San Francisco, Boston and Austin, CityMaps has officially launched in Chicago (online and on iOS), with plans to expand to Milwaukee, Las Vegas and as many as 13 more cities by the end of the year.

As you can see below, CityMaps differs from its competitors by sharing tweets, discounts and business listings directly on its maps. It is not, perhaps, the best approach for intense navigation, but if you’re searching for businesses nearby (aka, what many of us are always doing), it’s nice take that makes discovery quick and easy.

From CityMaps Co-Founder and CEO Elliot Cohen:

Chicago is a great market for us to be in because it’s the third largest market in the country and it’s a very tech-savvy city. Launching in Chicago has been a goal of ours for some time and we’re excited to see how Chicagoans use the site and app.

If you’re in Chicago, you can check out the new maps via the link below. Otherwise, take a peek at what CityMaps already offers and if you don’t see your city, you can submit a request on the homepage.

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