This feedback tool lets you optimize your site by user happiness

This feedback tool lets you optimize your site by user happiness

Usabilla, a usability startup that helps companies refine their user experience (UX) design, has just launched a new product, Usabilla Live, that collects real-time feedback from users right on your site based on how happy they are with specific aspects of any given page. The tool revolves around a feedback button that you can embed on your site, where visitors can click on it to quickly select and rate any part of your site.

Usabilla Live comes in strong contrast to your run of the mill feedback forms that are tiring to fill out. Instead, if something is frustrating or enticing to your visitors, clicking on that button will let them provide instant feedback.

It’s noteworthy that the company has already been testing a similar tool for letting designers gather the things they love and hate on the Web with Usabilla Discover, and this new extension simply affords that functionality to be used internally.

And after sites gather feedback, they’re able to see the results as so:

More details, from Marc van Agteren, Managing Director at Usabilla:

Usabilla Live is a new product that helps to optimize a website for emotions by allowing visitors’ feelings to become actionable indicators for a better user experience.

Happy users are more creative, can more easily navigate a website, and are much more likely to become loyal customers. Our product is fun and easy to use, and offers valuable insight for any person or company that wants to focus on the user experience and increase their conversion rates by understanding what visitors really feel when using their website.

Designing for your users and continuously testing your work is extremely important if you’re interested in boosting the performance of your site, so it really is necessary to check out tools like Usabilla Live. If you’re interested check out the link below and take a look at the pricing, which starts out free for 1 button and 10 responses per month, and then goes from $19/month and up.

➤ Usabilla Live

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