Sparrow for iPhone updated to support POP email accounts

Sparrow for iPhone updated to support POP email accounts

The developers behind the popular Apple-focused email client Sparrow have today pushed a new update for its iPhone application, bringing its mobile client on par with the desktop version with the inclusion of full POP support.

What does this mean? Well, you will now be able to add Yahoo, Hotmail and any other private email accounts that you use on a daily basis, adding to the full Gmail and Google Apps support it already has.

Sparrow has also fixed a minor related to folder mapping, but we will still have to wait for a future release of the app until we see Push support.

Back in May, Sparrow developer Dom Leica said that Push is coming to the existing iOS apps, but due to issues with Apple restricting implementation of the feature, it would have to be performed on Sparrow servers, requiring a yearly subscription:

You were more than 16 000 helping us on our Apple quest to get the VoIP privilege. We can’t thank you enough for your support. Unfortunately, Apple has confirmed that they are not willing to do any exception to the rule and that Sparrow will NOT be granted with the privilege.

This means we’ll have to do Push on our side and that it will be integrated as a yearly subscription into Sparrow’s future update.

The team is also working on an iPad version of the app, although it is not known when this will be released.

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Sparrow for iPhone

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