SnapNest’s Twitter image-search app goes pro, with new social, location and favorite features

SnapNest’s Twitter image-search app goes pro, with new social, location and favorite features

We first covered SnapNest back in February, an iOS app that gives users access to real-time Twitter image search.

With the app, you can search for images on Twitter using specific keywords, view images related to trending topics or, by using the iPhone’s location awareness, you can search for pictures in your vicinity. And now TinyPixel, the Scottish company behind the application, has announced version 2.0 of the app, with a completely new user interface, a pro version and a slew of new features.

SnapNest 2.0 has an entirely redesigned interface, aimed at making it easier and faster to find photos. Featured events are now available on the home screen, which gives users easy access to breaking news or to follow along with live events.

With this latest version, you can choose to upgrade to SnapNest Pro via an in-app purchase, which will set you back $1.99 (£1.49). This gets you a number of new features.

The new social view displays all of the photos, as they’re taken, by the people you follow on Twitter. Plus, saved searches is a new feature that allows you to bookmark your most visited streams for easy access. And you can also ‘favourite’ photos you find and store them in your collection.

The app also has a new location feature built in, letting you search for photos near specific addresses, cities or countries. You can view a live stream of photos from any event, anywhere in the world.

“With 2.0 we’ve vastly improved location search, our nearby search is now more accurate and we’ve added the ability to find photos from any other location in the world,” says Joe Finnigan, SnapNest’s Developer. “Users can enter a city, town or country to see photos from that region. You can even use a full address or postcode and see what is happening nearby.”

SnapNest 2.0 | iOS

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