Juxtapose: A neat site for sharing and comparing two links in the space of one

Juxtapose: A neat site for sharing and comparing two links in the space of one

Ever needed to settle an argument or put two sites in comparison? Well, released today is a neat site that does just this in a cute way.

Juxtapose allows users to input two URLs to show a couple of sites side by side. It works for all sorts of input including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest images, tumblr entries and more.

In a handy fashion, once you have juxtaposed your URLs, you get a handy short link that is pretty useful for short messaging services like Twitter.

In this example we’ve pointed out that the Knight Rider theme sounds a lot like Cortège de Bacchus (we’re so high-brow). Both of the videos play in the page so the comparison can me easily made. (That’s an image – you can find the link here.)

It’s not always easy to think of things you want to compare off the top of your head, but when you do have something, there are few places to add them together for sharing in other places.

Juxtapose was developed by interactive marketing agency Glass Eye after co-founder Dan Light discovered that there was no easy way to share pictures of Rupert Murdoch and Montgomery Burns using a single link.

The site is aimed to be a bit of fun and Light says, “Once we realised the domain name was available, ploughing precious time and resources into something with no obvious business model behind it was a complete no-brainer. We’ll all be astonished if the site’s still online this time next year.”

A few examples the Glass Eye team has come up with already includes, Separated at birthMash-upsInternational relations tiffsPoint-counterpointMeme evolution and Then & now. Try it yourself and see what works as a juxtaposition.


Image Credit: Lorena Cupcake

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