Gender differences: Men like system tools apps and women like Yahoo! Mail, apparently [Infographic]

Gender differences: Men like system tools apps and women like Yahoo! Mail, apparently [Infographic]

The app industry may be booming, but have you ever wondered how men and women differ in their engagement with mobile applications?

It’s not an issue I’d given much thought before today, but the good folk at AppAware have carried out a little spadework to bring some clarity to the situation to establish which apps are preferred by each gender.

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The company collected anonymous data (i.e. applications installed on a device) from 20,488 men and 4,133 women registered on AppAware. It’s worth noting that the Users are distributed globally, but with a slightly higher concentration in US (26%), Germany (12%) and UK (6%).

Leaving the obvious contenders out of the equation, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Google Maps, AppAware’s infographic shows that guys have on average 90 apps installed, and they like to tweak their smartphones by installing ‘System Tools’ apps. They also have a penchant for the Drag Racing game.

Ladies, on the other hand, with their average of 70 apps installed, prefer word and bubble shooting games, and 40% more use Yahoo! Mail compared to men. Though the Yahoo! Messenger plugin sees a 50/50 split.

Whilst more men were sampled for this than women, as a percentage of each gender it’s still interesting to see these trends. Anyway…see for yourself here how the genders fared against each other here.

Image Credit: Paul Keller | Flickr

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