FilmOn’s new app brings 150 live TV channels direct to your Facebook account

FilmOn’s new app brings 150 live TV channels direct to your Facebook account

FilmOn.TV Networks was founded by media entrepreneur Alki David in 2006, and it has previously launched Web-based TV service which offers subscription packages covering more than 120 TV channels (mostly in English), as well as additional premium services.

It recently launched what it’s calling the “first multi-channel live TV app for Facebook, offering 150 live HD TV channels streamed directly through Facebook.

The new ‘FilmOn Live TV’ Facebook app lets you watch live TV and invite friends to join in and discuss or comment on programmes in real-time.

Along with broadcast channels from across the world, FilmOn.TV hosts exclusive content from a number of celebrities, including weekly shows hosted by the likes of Andy Dick, as well as football, music, movies, history, special interest and children’s TV.

All you need to do is visit, where you’ll be invited to connect with Facebook. After this, you’ll see a list of channels down the left-hand side. From the UK, I was able to stream a selection of terrestrial and Freeview channels, including a live football (soccer) match from ITV:

If nothing else, FilmOn TV’s Facebook app provides a slightly-more-social alternative to the likes of TVCatchup in the UK.

FilmOn Live TV | Facebook App

Image Credit: Daveynin | Flickr

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