Create and share playlists of music from around the Web with Musicplayr’s new embeddable player

Create and share playlists of music from around the Web with Musicplayr’s new embeddable player ...

Despite the growth of ad-supported and subscription music streaming services like Spotify, there’s still a wealth of freely shared music on services like YouTube and SoundCloud, and on music blogs. With MusicPlayr‘s new embeddable ‘Take-away Playr’, you can share playlists made up of such music wherever you like.

As we explained when it launched, MusicPlayr’s mission is to let you curate and share playlists of freely available music. That could be anything from Rihanna’s latest hit on YouTube to a new band’s first demo on SoundCloud. Until now, those playlists were accessible just on MusicPlayr’s website. Now however, the embeddable player makes the whole service all the more appealing.

Here’s how it works: you scout around the Web to find the songs you want to add to your playlist. When you stumble upon one, you use the Musicplayr’s bookmarklet to add it to your playlist. After ensuring that the playlist is marked as public, you can set up the embeddable player with a choice of designs. Then it’s simply a case of pasting the embed code into a blog post, Web page, or wherever else you want to put it.

It’s not a flawless solution – preroll ads on some YouTube videos cause it problems, for example. However, it definitely fills a useful niche. When Spotify released its embeddable player recently, it received criticism for requiring listeners to have an account with the service and for playing the music via its desktop app rather than the player itself. Although you have to put in a bit more legwork to compile your playlists with Germany-based Musicplayr’s solution, this is far more open and can be used by anyone, streaming directly through the embed.

Music bloggers will find the Take-away Playr particularly useful, but anyone who likes sharing/inflicting their taste on the world should get a kick out of it. Speaking of which, my Musicplayr playlist is embedded below.

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