MobiCart offers m-commerce to a wider audience with the launch of HTML5 app platform

MobiCart offers m-commerce to a wider audience with the launch of HTML5 app platform

Hot on the heels of its release for making mcommerce apps for Android and iPad, MobiCart is now launching its HTML5 web platform to increase its offering. This means that the service can now be accessed from any mobile browser, taking away the need for users to download an app.

With this latest move, MobiCart hopes to embrace a growing market of web apps and offer a way for retailers to find the millions of people who make online purchases every day.

Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine, MobiCart director feels that this will help to broach the problem of fragmentation: “Mobile commerce should not be about native apps vs web apps. It should be about offering the best possible experience to your customers on any mobile device. Retailers need to have a strategy for both options. Both separately have their advantages but together work seamlessly, offering an all-round user experience.”

The web app works across all platforms and is not device dependent. MobiCart has worked to ensure that the application adapts to both smaller phone screens as well as larger tablets.

Better yet, the installation process is nice and easy; one line of code can be added to the head section of a website and it’s ready to go in seconds.

MobiCart has been steadily improving on its app builder offerings since its launch in 2010 and hopes to continue to offer solid and well designed applications.

With consumers now expecting their favourite brands and stores to have an online and mobile presence for convenience, it’s services like this that will hopefully mean that large retail outlets as well as smaller independent stores can find their customers in almost any digital way.

Check out the video to see what the company offers:

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