Nokia Transport beta 2.1 adds enhanced Bing integration, ‘tap to favorite’ and more

Nokia Transport beta 2.1 adds enhanced Bing integration, ‘tap to favorite’ and more

Nokia has released an updated version of its Transport Beta service which helps Lumia device owners get around, stay updated and manage their trips while they are out on the ground.

Nokia Transport Beta 2.1 builds on a number of new features that were added to version 2.0 last month, and the service now includes enhanced Bing search integration, an easier way to manage favourite locations and improved access to information while in transit.

The Nokia Beta Labs blog explains the additions in more detail:

Detailed Line View—Counting stops is a thing of the past

Wait, is this my stop? Or is the next one? With Nokia Transport you can be sure, with the ability to view upcoming station names and stopping times while in transit, so you can enjoy your journey, even to someplace new.

Multiple Live Tile Support—Your favorite destinations with a tap

You can now pin your favorite destinations to your start screen, making it easier than ever to quickly find the best route there from wherever you happen to be. We don’t know how many you can add, we tried fifteen different locations! You can pin your favorite restaurant, that perfect little park, or even your home. So no matter where you are, you can find your way with just a tap.

Better integration with Bing search

It is now easy to launch Nokia Transport from Bing search results (where available). You tell where you want to go and we show you the fastest way to get there using public transportation.

The new version is being introduced across the world from today, but Nokia admits that users in some countries may have to wait a little longer than others as the update makes its away across the globe.

Existing Transport users will get a reminder when the update is ready and downloadable from their local Marketplace app store.

➤ Nokia Transport 2.1 Beta

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