Flickd Movies for iPhone is the slickest way to remember movies you simply don’t want to miss

Flickd Movies for iPhone is the slickest way to remember movies you simply don’t want to miss

It used to be that I would see every movie that mattered on opening weekend. Usually at midnight. Then I got married, had a kid and just generally got busier and I started slipping on seeing movies in the theater at all.

But I’ll never stop being a movie lover and have always tried to keep track of flicks that I’d like to check out later when they hit disc or instant watch. I’ve been using a simple text list on my notepad app of choice, Notefile, but have been wanting something more robust.

That’s where Flickd Movies comes in, a new app from developer Richard Felix, who makes other cool tidbits like the food-logging app Hngry. Flickd is a beautiful little app that lets you search for movies quickly to add to your bucket of ‘must-watch’ titles, displaying them in a slick poster format.

The app hooks into the Netflix movie database to deliver results with a summary and a full-screen high-res poster. This allows you to flick through the posters that you’ve added in a nicely visual way.

To add a title, just pull down on a poster to reveal the search box and type in the name of your movie. Tap on a result to add it to your gallery of posters. You can see the mechanics of the app in the video below:

Once you’ve added a poster, you can double-tap on it to reveal a detail page. This lets you set up your reminders for when the movie hits the theater, disc formats or Netflix Instant. These reminders trigger push notifications and when a movie is added to Instant, it gets queued up for you automatically, very slick.

There are also some sharing buttons to let you send out a movie that you’ve added to your list via Twitter and Facebook. When you share stuff out to social networks the link will drop people onto a nicely done splash page, reminiscent of Instagram or Path.

The release dates and summaries are handy as well, in case you’ve forgotten why you wanted to watch it in the first place. I’ll be honest, I’d like a list of actors and a director here to fill out the info, but the basic summary is ok.

You can also follow a particular actor, actress or director if you wish. Scrolling down in your results list will show you people that you search for as well. Adding one to your shelf will let you see all of the projects that they’re involved with. To peek at your shelf of people just swipe up on any poster.

One touch that I appreciated was the ability to tap and hold on the screen to dim it, so you can add a movie even in a darkened theater. Tap and hold again to turn the ‘dark mode’ off.

I’ve been using Flickd for a few weeks now to keep track of stuff that either I want to see but haven’t, or know I’m going to miss in the theater. It’s also a good way to try to catch movies in the theater as the premiere dates are also in the Netflix database.

There are times when the Netflix database returns an empty poster, but they’re normally for older titles. That being said, I wouldn’t mind support for other databases to fill out those gaps. There are also some minor searching quirks from time to time, and I’m not sure whether it’s the Netflix database or the app itself.

But the issues I had were minor, overall Flickd has become my go-to movie reminder list. It’s simple, it’s cleanly desinged and has thoughtful details and it does one thing: help you remember movies you want to see. Highly recommended for any movie lover who doesn’t want to miss a premiere.

Flickd Movies for iPhone $0.99

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