Bio is Changed: Yup, a Web app that tells you when your Twitter contacts update their profiles

Bio is Changed: Yup, a Web app that tells you when your Twitter contacts update their profiles

Bio is Changed (BIC) pretty much does what it says on the tin. If you want to know when any of your Twitter contacts update their profile information – including biography and profile picture – this Web app will notify you.

First up, you have to sign-in with your Twitter credentials, and you’ll see two sections of tiles…one for bios and one for images.

You can click on the tile of any of the people you follow and you’ll see the recent history of previous changes they’ve made to their profile information:

Of course, you probably don’t want to trawl through the hundreds or thousands of accounts you follow on a regular basis, so you can sign up to receive email notifications of any changes that are made. You can select to be alerted instantly, daily or weekly, and choose to be notified about bio, image or both:

So…who would likely use such an app? As a general rule, I know I’m not overly concerned about being kept out of the loop regarding my Twitter contacts’ profile information. But for marketers, it could be useful to know about job changes and such like, and it could help users build relationships by being first on the scene to congratulate others, or compliment a new picture.

As a journalist, it could also be used to monitor key personnel changes at companies, though it would be helpful if there was an option to monitor only a selection of contacts rather than everyone I follow.

Founded by two Dutch students in July 2011, BIC is still in beta but claims to be tracking more than 500,000 users. It has just rolled out a slew of updates to its Web app, featuring a new design, a more mobile-focused site and the introduction of the new daily and weekly report options.

Bio is Changed is certainly an interesting idea, and one that will likely appeal to many (nosy) people.

Bio is Changed

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