Buy Me a Pie lets you create, share and manage grocery lists with friends and family

Buy Me a Pie lets you create, share and manage grocery lists with friends and family

We’ve all been there: “Honey, I’m going to the supermarket for a few groceries, want me to pick anything up for you?” A question that starts off with the best of intentions, but typically ends up with a scribbled shopping list the length of your arm. However, to coin a well-worn mantra, there’s an app for that.

Actually, if truth be told there are a number of apps for that…personally I like to use Evernote as my default shopping list app of choice, and we’ve previously covered the likes of Say Mmm in the wake of its integration with Evernote. This latest one to hit our radar is pretty decent too.

Buy Me a Pie lets you create multiple shopping lists, either by manually entering the name of the food or by selecting from an in-built repository of food items. It automatically suggests a word after you’ve entered a few letters, and to convey quantities, you separate the item and number with a colon (:), for example “Apples:8”.

This is a neat, easy-to-use app that’s beautifully designed. But where Buy Me a Pie really comes in to its own is that a single account can be synced across multiple iOS devices, meaning if you leave home first thing in the morning having consulted with your significant other about what to pick up on your way back from work, more items can be added to the list without the need to send text messages back and forth.

This also means you can create shopping lists from scratch for friends and family to pick up items on your behalf, which could be useful if you’re in a shared apartment to help avoid buying duplicate items. 

This feature just about justifies the $2.99 (£1.99 GBP) asking price, and you also receive notifications whenever your shopping lists are updated which is useful. It’s also worth noting that there is a free version without the account-syncing feature if you’re just looking to create simple shopping lists on the fly.

For those without an iOS device, you can email/SMS lists too, and use the website to manage your grocery shopping from any machine.

Buy Me a Pie

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