Hipstamatic launches monthly iPad Magazine “Snap” and global art project, “Make Beautiful”

Hipstamatic launches monthly iPad Magazine “Snap” and global art project, “Make Beautiful”

As Instagram becomes increasingly consumer, Hipstamatic holds quite a bit of promise for becoming the go-to provider for the more artistic breed of mobile users. Now, on its way to becoming a full-blown authority for iPhoneographers everywhere, the company is launching a free iPad magazine, Snap (available later today), and a global art project, Make Beautiful.

Of course, Snap isn’t just a giant gallery of vintage-inspired images; it’s a full-blown monthly culture and lifestyle magazine that explores artists, trends and tastemakers that span across industries and mediums. The iPad mag is entirely free, and will feature regular sections and three themed feature stories. After seeing it for ourselves, we’re quite impressed.

From Lucas Buick, CEO of Hipstamatic:

We’ve been publishing content on our social media channels for the last two years, but we felt there was a more beautiful and cohesive way to share it with the world. That’s how the idea of Snap was born. We’re excited to share the breadth of our creativity through Snap, and it will be a great way to showcase some of the amazing photography coming from the Hipstamatic community.

As for Make Beautiful, the global art project was created to encourage Hipstamatic’s community to make art and share beautiful moments through photos. Fueled by a manifesto, Make Beautiful has two main components: a live photo feed showcasing Hipstamatic #MakeBeautiful photos from around the world, and a library of Make Beautiful art and designs users can download and “Remix” for their own creations.

All in all, these are two major pushes from Hipstamatic to become even more involved in the creative community. Additionally, with a constant flow of content, the company certainly needed an outlet like Snap to share it with the world.

➤ Snap iPad Mag (free) & Make Beautiful

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